Monday, April 23, 2007



The sign of life is struggle for growth. A tiny seed breaks open the earth to grow into a plant, but growth alone does not addbeauty to life, rather wild and abnormal growth sometimes leads to stagnation. Shaping the growth though proper training and systematicdiscipline is the only way ti make life beaytiful, which ultimately leads to ful;ly-fledged personality.
In the history of mankind, great personilites appear who shook the world during their lifetime. Their marellous achievement dazzled the eyesof people for a while, but were forgetten immediately after ther demise. The reason being appearance of greater and stronger personilities withextraordinary brilliance, who made their hold strong on the mind of peolples. Achievement in life certainly makes a person great, but does not add much to his or her personality. The need of the hour is to develope personility base on charecter and lot on achievements in life. Real personality, which is based in charecter, is remembered by the world though eternity. The number of such peoples, though small, can shape the destiny of mankind. Their names remain imprinted in the hearts of millions of peoples forever. We are proud to say that in modern tiimes India could produce such a real and universal person in Swami Vivekananda, whose thoughs are a source of inspiration thoughout the world to shape a real personality.